Please enter the information below if you have forgotten your password. The Username, Last Name and E-mail address are needed to match to the same information on file in order to verify your request. If successful, an e-mail sent to the e-mail address on file will be mailed shortly and it will contain your current password.

Form Glossary
Username - This is your firstname and last initial. Check the current usernames if you have forgotten yours at this time.

Please e-mail the pool administrator if you cannot successfully submit a request and give any specific details if an error was received with this form.

User Name:  
Ex.John S,
John S1 or John S2
The User Name is the name that appears in the Plyr column on the Winners bracket or Losers bracket spreadsheet. It MUST be in FIRSTNAME LAST INITIAL format. ex. John S or John S1 if you have multiple entries. You may view the usernames if you wish.
NOTE: If you have multiple entries or input picks for a friend's entry then you MUST submit a separate request for each entry where the password has been forgotten. You will have this option on the confirmation page after you click the Submit Request button for this entry.
Last Name:  
E-mail Address: