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Pool Facts and Rules

The rules are fairly simple for the pool. Each entry starts in the winners bracket. Pick the winner of 1 NFL game each week, if you are correct you advance to the next week in the winners bracket, if you lose then you advance to the next week in the losers bracket.

You keep playing as long as you keep picking winners and the goal is to be the last entry left in a bracket. If you do not pick a correct winner while in the losers bracket then that entry is out of the pool. One person may have two entries maximum for themself, but they may input picks for other entries that do not have web access but would like to play.

The only real exceptions that pertain to the teams you pick each week is that you may only pick one team twice during the regular season and this carries across both brackets and you may not pick that team in consecutive weeks. Therefore you are basically picking a different winning team each week. The team that you pick twice is called your Wildcard pick for purposes of the pool.

If you do not get your pick into the web site on time, no excuses allowed, then you will receive a default pick. This pick is the next team in alphabetical order that is in the same division as the team picked in the previous week with only one team having been picked twice. The alphabetical order is based on the team's city or region name and not the nickname so the New England Patriots are New England for default pick purposes and not the Patriots.

The teams from the same division are used if possible, including having one be a wildcard pick. If that particular division cannot be chosen then the next division as is displayed on the Standings link for that conference is used to select a team as the default pick.

The current week's brackets are only visible from Sunday thru Monday.

The previous week's brackets are visible from Tuesday thru Saturday.

Remember that picks for a particular week may only be made between 1:00 A.M. ET Tuesday thru 3:00 A.M. ET the following Sunday. Picks cannot be made or updated outside of this input range, so please make your picks early, there will be no exceptions.

When you log in to the pool, you are given a minor amount of server memory for common variables, therefore, please log out properly in order to free up this memory using the available link when you are finished.

After a period of 20 minutes of inactivity on the site you will be automatically logged out of the pool.

You may still be able to view pool pages in your browser after logging out since they are stored in your browser's temporary memory or cache file, however, you will not get the latest updates until logging in once more.

Bookmarking of pages after login is not allowed as you will be forced to login if you try to access a previously bookmarked pool page.

The bracket codes are W - Winners, L - Losers and O - Out of pool.

Please e-mail the if you have any questions or comments.