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2009 Pool Facts

Looks like 28 entries this year so a single winner of the Winners bracket will get 280 peanuts, a single winner of the Losers bracket will receive 140 peanuts.

Special Notice:

Winners Bracket:

2010/01/09 - Congratulations to David S and Napes66 for tieing in the Winners bracket and they have chosen to split the winning peanuts.

Losers Bracket:

2010/01/09 - Looks like there are enough votes to use the playoffs as the tiebreaker. For those entries that have not sent their picks by the time the first game starts at 4:30 P.M. ET today then they will be given the default picks. This will be the favorites as indicated in the USA Today newspaper.

Will set up a link on this page where all the picks will be posted as soon as they have all been received, no need to Login to the site unless you want to check the results from this year.

2010/01/10 - Here is the link the the Losers Bracket playoff tiebreaker picks. The results are as of the first three games played this weekend.  No need to login to display the picks just click the link that follows.

2010/01/16 - Two entries made it to the second round, good luck to Rhody R and Robert H this week. The link to the playoff picks follows.

Playoff Tiebreaker 2009 Picks

2010/01/17 - Congraulations to Rhody R as after 3 games this weekend he has a 1 game lead and both he and Robert picked San Diego in the second game today. Please send your mailing address and a check with the winning peanuts will be mailed out later this week.

2010/01/18 - The Jets won the last game and Rhody R wins the tiebreaker with 3 correct picks as Robert only had 2 correct.

The pool is finished for this year and thanks to everyone for playing. Hope everyone enjoyed it and comes back to play next year.

Please e-mail the webmaster@sportstechie.com if you have any questions or comments.