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2008 Pool Facts

Looks like there are 31 total entries this year so a single winner of the winners brackets will get 310 peanuts and a single winner of the losers brack will get 155 peanuts.

Special Notice:

2008/10/14 - Congratulations to khazlip for picking Minnesota last week as they won on a last second field goal which made him the winners bracket champion this year. Please send your address information and 310 peanuts will be sent to you as soon as possible.

2008/12/28 - Congratulations to David S and Val B1 for tying and taking the losers bracket in Week 16 this year. Two upsets where Denver lost to Buffalo and Houston lost to the Raiders resulted in the tie. The 155 peanuts will be split in half and each will get 74.50 peanuts. Please send your addresses and checks will be mailed as soon as possible.

The pool is finished for this year and thanks to everyone for playing. Hope everyone enjoyed it and comes back to play next year.

Please e-mail the webmaster@sportstechie.com if you have any questions or comments.