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2003 Pool Facts

The final paid entry tallies are in, 53 total entries will yield a single winner of the winners bracket 530 peanuts while a single winner of the losers bracket will take away 265 peanuts. Ties will reduce the payout amounts among the winners of a particular bracket.

Special Notice: 11/10/2003, Congratulations to am0587 and Jennifer O, the co-winners of the winners bracket. The losers bracket has 3 entries left. If all entries lose the same week from this point forward, then the remaining entries for a particular week will split the losers pool.

12/1/2003, Congratulations to Jimmy S. for winning the losers bracket in the pool. The pool is finished for this year and thanks to everyone for playing. Hope everyone enjoyed it and comes back to play next year.

Please e-mail the webmaster@sportstechie.com if you have any questions or comments.